Adam Bradley

Adam Bradley is a Technology specialist with a strong track record of delivering high-quality system solutions, combined with successful organisational change.

Getting his start working with technology early in life, and with a keen interest in Mechanical & Electronic Engineering, Adam has enjoyed a career that has spanned many industries and technologies. Having spent several years as a Senior Software Engineer, Adam’s understanding of various technology stacks enables him to carry a unique view across the emerging landscape. This, combined with his deep understanding of various industries, enables Adam to keep his ear to the ground for upcoming industry and technology changes, and ensure Infinitive Group’s products and services are always ahead of the curve.

Outside of work, Adam has numerous interests; he’s been an active volunteer at The National Museum of Computing for over a decade, he leads the team behind the restoration of an IBM 360 Model 20 mainframe, and when he’s not working with computers he can often be founding working on or riding motorcycles, sailing yachts, or shooting with friends.