Utility services are critical to every facet of our society, but finding, delivering, and managing utility service is becoming increasingly complex. Diverse challenges, rising competition, and new threats appearing every day are bringing never before seen challenges into the sector.

We work with both government and private-sector utilities clients to help them gain greater efficiency throughout their operations through innovation and an in-depth understanding of the sector. Whether its analysing complex critical infrastructure protection and cyber security, navigating complex carbon and emissions regulations, identifying new revenue streams, or assisting them to protect their data from external threats and bad actors, Infinitive Group can help. We work with our clients to achieve improved operations, more efficient installation systems, and to provide leading cyber services from the increasing number of industrial control systems (ICS) and SmartGrid security.

“Infinitive Group’s deep insight in to the operation of utilities services has brought to the market a wide portfolio of offerings to assist your operation in achieving its goals. From Cyber Security incident management, penetration testing and preparedness, to systems design, integration, and technical incident management, Infinitive Group is always ready to help you in ensuring your services are delivered in a reliable, efficient manner.”