Public Service Vehicles (PSV)

Infinitive Group support PSV operators in understanding the health and status of their operations through interactive, realtime monitoring systems.

Through our experience from working in other transport verticals, Infinitive Group can successfully complete advanced knowledge transfers into different sectors, and the information we’ve learned can be effectively applied to PSV.

Infinitive support with prognostics in Engine vulnerability, Transmissions, and fuel economy, as well as power systems and electric drivetrains. Through our lightweight and compact data harvesting technologies, we can connect through to all of the vehicle systems to make any and all data available in near real-time, enabling operations and maintenance centres to effectively plan for any potential failure, and build effective, advanced risk mitigation strategies.

Through the application of our Geospatial and occupancy technologies, operators can, for the first time, get a real-time view of the ridership of their vehicles, as well as deliver real-time seat reservation for their passengers. This technology easily integrates through to other platforms, delivering the next stage in Mobility as a Service, and building towards the Smart Cities of tomorrow.

“Infinitive Group’s lightweight and cost effective technologies help to bring PSV operations into the modern day. With integration across multiple platforms, real-time data feeds, and advanced predictive algorithms, operators can effectively and efficiently ensure that their operations are running as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible”