Light Rail

Infinitive Group support light rail operators and local authorities by leveraging our Subject Matter Expertise in both Rolling Stock and the wider railway to transport system interface.

Infinitive Group specialise in monitoring the health and status of your operations through interactive, real time monitoring systems. Through our experience working in other transport, utilities, and smart city verticals, Infinitive Group can successfully complete advanced knowledge transfers into different sectors, and the information we’ve learned can be effectively applied back to light rail.

Leveraging our subject expertise, Infinitive drives significant value from existing data and system information. Our engineering teams can reverse engineer and synthesise data to derive never seen before insights. This approach has been successfully implemented within a number of light rail operations across the globe.

Staying true to Infinitive’s core values, we promote and support light rail operators to move from diagnostics to prognostics, reactive to planned preventative maintenance, and condition based mitigation of operational risks.

Through our lightweight and compact data harvesting technologies, we can connect through to all of the vehicle systems to make any and all data available in near real-time, enabling operations and maintenance centres to effectively plan for any potential failure, and build effective, advanced risk mitigation strategies.

Through the application of our Geospatial data gather technologies, operators can, for the first time, get a real-time view of the ridership of their vehicles; this, coupled with other transport vertical data integrations, will support and enable the industries move to Mobility as a Service, and build towards the Smart Cities of tomorrow.

“Infinitive Group’s deep insight into connected transport has enabled them to build a large portfolio of products and services which are easily applied to light rail operators. Through the leveraging of existing datasets, Infinitive Group have provided incredible insights into the operations of light rail networks across the globe.”