Infinitive Group offer specialised services across the transport sector. From cutting edge technology solutions, to expert consultancy services, to legacy system obsolescence management and life extensions, Infinitive’s unique approach to delivering high quality products and services at the intersection of operational knowhow and information technology, makes us a powerful force able to solve almost any problem with the speed and efficiency required.

We have a long history of working with both public-sector and private sector transportation clients to develop and deliver programmes of work tackling such things as vehicle cybersecurity, capacity, congestion, sustainability, safety and resilience, vehicle finance, vehicle technology upgrades and integration, and complex problem solving. Our experience extends across a wide range of transportation systems including light rail, metro rail, freight rail, and high-speed rail.

The ability to constantly manage the integration of public policy, efficient operations, and emerging technologies is one of the most pressing challenges our clients face. Our years of experience, coupled with our “ear to the ground” knowledge, enables us to add value and assist our clients with delivering their goals. We take all of our knowledge of the transportation industry, technology, engineering, and people & process management and combine it with best practices from government and commercial clients to provide innovation and though leadership at the heart of your operation.

Applying end-to-end digital solutions

Applying a Predict & Prevent approach to an operational engineering business provides the best possible ability to anticipate the future and make accurate predictions of required preventative actions, thus, providing performance improvements whilst reducing operational costs.

Benefit of applying a Predict & Prevent approach includes but is not limited to:

  • Ability to provide a World Class Service
  • Staying ahead of the competition
  • Increase Revenue Growth opportunities
  • Understand asset behaviour
  • Ability to make responsive informed decisions
  • Maximise & Assure Asset Performance
  • Reduce Costs