Seat Reservation and Occupancy

Infinitive Group have entered into a global agreement with McLaren Applied Technology for exclusive licensing of their industry-leading seat reservation and occupancy system.

There is clear UK political support for better seat reservations and occupancy, better customer service, optimisation of capacity and reduction of cost can be found in the DfT Strategic Vision 2017. These technologies allow train operators to improve services and customer experience in addition to increasing revenue.

Seat Reservation

The system will deliver up-to-date electronic seat reservation data from the booking system to the train.  New Seat Units will display the reservations and seat availability.

  • Customers will be able to find seats more easily using digital screens and LED indicators
  • Will replace the manual paper-based process
  • Will allow for late changes to reservations

Seat Occupancy

A device for monitoring one or more passenger seats of a vehicle, the device comprising: at least one sensor configured to monitor an occupancy status for each of the one or more seats; and a communication interface configured to receive reservation conditions for each of the one or more seats.  The device is configured to display an occupancy condition and a reservation condition for each of the one of seats and determine the occupancy condition.

Seat occupancy is measured as part of an end-to-end solution from seat, to vehicle, to train, to data centre, where the data will be gathered and processed.

Infinitive Group will then gather all seat occupancy data and store it in a central database. Then providing an interface for access by other systems and third party suppliers,  enabling development of reporting, monitoring and optimization tools.