DX Workshop

Infinitive Group’s heritage means we’re known for developing strategies that deliver on business objectives.

Our mission is to empower businesses to harness the power of data. We do this by ensuring our customers have a firm foundation for delivering on their goals – over the short, medium and long term. Customers benefit from our deep knowledge of technology, people and processes in addition to operational and enterprise datacentre experience to deliver their most critical strategic initiatives.

This means our customers strategy leverages the full capabilities and best practice Infinitive Group can offer and consequently, well positioned to deliver transformative services to their lines of business.

Having an DXCoE centralises transformation competencies to provide a shared service feeling, rather than having pockets of experience spread across the business.

Infinitive Group specialists can act as your DXCoE, embedding best practice and driving sustainable digital transformation adoption. But we also empower our customers teams, nurturing them as we navigate the implementation journey. That way, our customers digital transformation champions are engaged in and driving the change. After all, digital transformation is more than just new technology, it’s new operating models and governance, too.

Engage with Infintive Group to work with your existing project teams and inject proven innovation and transformation expertise to drive the desired business outcome.

Faster time to market

We’re innovation pioneers with a analytics heritage. Our whole approach is rooted in helping our customers align technology, people and processes in order to deliver our customers strategic initiatives. Our customers get better, faster results because Infinitive Group are digital transformation experts with the right subject matter expertise to  guide our customers on their digital transformation  journey.

More value for customers

Infinitive Group are commercially focused, using technologies that help our customers maximise the cost savings and value potential of the engineering and technology and management and advisory services Infinitive Group offer. From technology to training, from design to project delivery, our customers get the support needed to energise teams and delight the business.

Objective Advice and Knowledge Transfer

Infinitive Group are a leading partner for a plethora of technology vendors and cloud service providers. Two public cloud platforms – Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Because Infinitive Group are platform neutral, you get impartial advice that accounts for your entire technology stack – and always has our customers best interests at heart.