Sensa Seat Reservation

Infinitive Group can retrofit our Sensa Seat Reservation and Occupancy systems to almost any vehicle. Our advanced wireless technology reduces the need for costly cable installations and advanced modifications, and our low-energy technologies ensure that vehicle power supplies are virtually unaffected. Up-to-date electronic seat reservation data can be made available in near real-time to the vehicle, and occupancy data can be streamed back to the Infinitive Group data centre for analysis by the operator or display to customers.

In 2020, Infinitive Group acquired the exclusive, worldwide rights to McLaren Sensa Seat Reservation and Occupancy system. This system is cleverly designed to enable quick and easy retro-fitting of seat reservation and occupancy monitoring technology. The units placed above the seats contain two low energy E-Ink displays, along with an infrared seat occupancy detection sensor. A control module located within the vehicle wirelessly transmits reservation updates to the units, and the units transmit back whether or not the seat is occupied.

This technology enables operators to not only provide real-time seat reservation information on their vehicles, but also to gain a greater insight as to the current occupancy of any given vehicle at any time. This powerful information can be used to assist in route planning, inform ticketing models, and enable effective revenue enforcement to take place.

Get in touch today for a live demonstration of the Sensa system, and bring your vehicles into the world of reserved seating.