Infinitive Group's Ramus Platform of products, comprising of Ramus Edge Server and Ramus Remote Terminal (RTU) enable customers to get control of their existing data. RTU is an industrial grade data harvesting device certified for use on railway assets. Secure by design, RTU can harvest existing data from numerous sources, storing it until such time as the data can be uploaded onto the network or wayside for further analysis.

The Ramus Edge Server is able to aggregate the data harvested and deliver powerful analytics at the Edge. In addition to providing higher order functions or complex data including synthetic data. Ramus Edge Server’s powerful processing and networking throughput additionally, is able to provide data rich content and media for rail owner operators to provide to their customer base inline with the strategic vision the Department for Transport (DfT) published in 2017.

Start Making Data Driven Decisions

Rollingstock assets have a plethora of data already available on various systems and subsystems on board. Leverage Ramus Remote Terminal (RTU) to harvest that data and turn it into a business output. Infinitive Group’s product portfolio has been designed to give the customers control of their data and enable Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Serviceability (RAMS) optimisations to be made.

Enable Digital Services

Increase revenue, optimise cost or mitigate risk by leveraging Ramus Edge Server to provide:

  • Edge Analytics and Control
  • Higher order functions/synthetic data generation
  • Content Management
  • Network Acceleration