Build a scalable foundation for your analytics - ingest data at scale using a wide variety of data ingestion tools. Infinitive Group partner with Arrow, Microsoft and Lenovo to deliver Pithoi storage solutions for our customers as part of their public, private or hybrid cloud storage strategy that optimise costs by allowing our customers to scale storage and compute independently.

Secure by design, Infinitive Group’s Pithoi solution includes capabilities for transport level security (TLS) via storage firewalls, private end-points, enforcement and encryption at rest using system or customer supplied keys.

Infinitive Group have developed Pithoi solutions to broaden our customer offering and enable a ‘one stop shop’ providing customers access to each foundational building block in order to acquire, harvest, store and analyse and visualise their data in order to make better data driven decisions to increase revenue, decrease cost or mitigate risk.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Infinitive Group takes your business to the next level with storage and analytics functionality that you need to differentiate yourself and enable your digital strategy.