Successful digital initiatives improve customer experience and connect passengers to frontline staff. However, deployment is often challenging. This is where Infinitive Group can help formulate and or accelerate our customers digital strategy.

Infinitive Group are turning the data that the Irris provides into information to identify how people, luggage and even bikes are interacting with rail and building assets.

Infinitive Group’s solution has been designed to increase awareness of passenger flow. Irris increases confidence in the public transport network by demonstrating high levels of safety and promoting frictionless travel.  Irris is a foundational building block as part of the Infinitive Group product portfolio for seat reservation and occupancy and data integration for Smart Rail and Smart City initiatives.

Irris Seat Reservation and Occupancy

Infinitive Group have been awarded an exclusive global agreement to provide seat reservation and occupancy systems based on McLaren Applied Technologies.

All seat occupancy data is collected and stored in a central database where Infinitive Group will provide an interface for access by other systems and third party suppliers.  This will allows our customers to size their fleet appropriately but also enable development of reporting, monitoring and optimization tools.

Data Processing and Modelling

Acquiring human-based data and augmenting it with seat reservation and occupancy data enables a real-time model of how assets are being used.

Infinitive Group is able to send traincrew a virtual picture of on-board rolling stock assets.  Infinitive Group’s Artemis analytics platform is able to direct customers to less crowded parts of the train/building and on more crowded services, facilitate dynamic ticketing.

In the future apps will inform where social distancing guidelines are being adhered to and what heath and safety implications there are on crowded services.

Infinitive Group scan, identify and leverage the best technology available to achieve engineering excellence.