Artemis is a cutting-edge data analytics platform which utilises real time data from your sensors or end points to deliver predictive insights into our customers business. The vast majority of digital transformation projects started are in order to increase revenue, optimise cost or mitigate risk.

The Artemis analytics and visualisation solution by Infinitive Group is able to ingest billions of samples of data from a variety of sources.  Visualising that data in a format that is easy to spot trends and understand where our customers can spot trends and better monitor and manage their assets.  Essentially Artemis turns data into information, information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom.

DID YOU KNOW:  Infinitive Group analytics solutions have been deployed across London Underground for many years and have been accredited with saving £80m of operating cost in the last five years. (hyperlink to case study/customer success page)

Deploying Artemis to improve Reliability Availability, Maintainability and Serviceability (RAMS) in the Transport Sector 

Artemis is a cutting-edge data analytics platform which utilises real time data from the fleet to deliver alarms, alerts and predictive insights into our customers asset health.

Infinitive Group can overlay its domain knowledge and subject matter expertise to Artemis analytic capabilities to enable our customers to make informed decisions about fleet assets which lead to a reduction in maintenance costs and increase reliability and fleet availability. More importantly we take our customers on a journey from Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) to Risk Based Maintenance (RBM) which enables them to differentiate themselves from the competition, make efficiencies in rail operations and reduce cost maintaining the asset.