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Data Acquisition


Successful digital initiatives improve customer experience and connect passengers to frontline staff. However, deployment is often challenging. This is where Infinitive Group can help formulate and or accelerate our customers digital strategy.
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Sensa Seat Reservation

Infinitive Group can retrofit our Sensa Seat Reservation and Occupancy systems to almost any vehicle. Our advanced wireless technology reduces the need for costly cable installations and advanced modifications, and our low-energy technologies ensure that vehicle power supplies are virtually unaffected. Up-to-date electronic seat reservation data can be made available in near real-time to the vehicle, and occupancy data can be streamed back to the Infinitive Group data centre for analysis by the operator or display to customers.
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Data Analytics


Artemis is a cutting-edge data analytics platform which utilises real time data from your sensors or end points to deliver predictive insights into our customers business. The vast majority of digital transformation projects started are in order to increase revenue, optimise cost or mitigate risk.
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Data Harvesting


Infinitive Group's Ramus Platform of products, comprising of Ramus Edge Server and Ramus Remote Terminal (RTU) enable customers to get control of their existing data. RTU is an industrial grade data harvesting device certified for use on railway assets. Secure by design, RTU can harvest existing data from numerous sources, storing it until such time as the data can be uploaded onto the network or wayside for further analysis.
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Data Storage


Build a scalable foundation for your analytics - ingest data at scale using a wide variety of data ingestion tools. Infinitive Group partner with Arrow, Microsoft and Lenovo to deliver Pithoi storage solutions for our customers as part of their public, private or hybrid cloud storage strategy that optimise costs by allowing our customers to scale storage and compute independently.
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Infinitive Ecosystem

Infinitive Group are passionate about working on our customers mission critical priorities and accelerating their digital transformation efforts.  Infinitive Group work with some of the technology industries biggest names to deliver business outcomes that increase revenue, optimise cost or mitigate risk for our customers.

Customers engage with Infinitive Group as a certified reseller of world class technologies in order to take advantage of our special pricing arrangements with leading OEM’s and our enterprise architecture capabilities to design, build and integrate the very best IT systems to their business.

  • Knowledge & Competency
  • Analytics
  • Connectivity Partner
  • Sensors / connected Devices
  • Networking
  • Cloud / IoT Platforms
  • Security
  • Gateways / Edge Compute
  • Content and Data Owners
  • Software Solutions
  • Integration
  • Training & enablement

Knowledge & Competency

Knowledge and Competency is a core part of the Infinitive Group ecosystem. We recognise that on their own, our technical products only go so far to delivering the change your business requires; as such we utilise a combination of tools, techniques, and datasets to provide the best possible solution, without reinventing functionality which in part may already exist in other applications. We align our business with other third party subject matter experts to deliver the best solutions to your developing needs.


Infinitive Group Artemis is a cutting-edge data analytics platform which utilises real time data from your sensors or end points to deliver predictive insights into our customers business. The vast majority of digital transformation projects started are in order to increase revenue, optimise cost or mitigate risk.

The Artemis analytics and visualisation solution by Infinitive Group is able to ingest billions of samples of data from a variety of sources. Visualising that data in a format that is easy to spot trends and understand where our customers can spot trends and better monitor and manage their assets. Essentially, Artemis turns data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into wisdom.

DID YOU KNOW: Infinitive Group analytics solutions have been deployed across London Underground for many years and have been accredited with saving £80m of operating cost in the last five years.

Connectivity Partner

Infinitive provides connectivity solutions across the globe. Through our carefully selected network of delivery partners, Infinitive can offer advanced connectivity solutions for almost any situation. Not only do we work with a large number of mobile operators, we also offer solutions in short-haul radio connectivity, satellite connectivity, and physical connection installation.

Our low-cost IOT data connection plans can be used to bring your systems into the future at the lowest possible cost, with the highest possible service.

Sensors / connected Devices

Infinitive Group are experts in developing, delivering, and integrating new and existing devices to build a strong window of insight into the current state of something. Be it people monitoring, vehicle monitoring, or the monitoring of a specific sensor, Infinitive Group’s exciting product portfolio is built to give you the insight you need into your business.


Infinitive Group’s engineering team contains some leading network engineers who are always thinking about new ways to build reliable, resilient network solutions for our clients. Through our Sales & Supply pillar, Infinitive Group have partnered with some of the worlds biggest and best network hardware solution provides to deliver you the best possible solutions at the lowest possible cost.

Cloud / IoT Platforms

Through the integration of various cloud & IoT platforms with Infinitive Group’s advanced ecosystem, we can deliver incredible insights into your assets and operations. The Infinitive Pithoi platform stores data, and the Artemis platform utilises our specialist algorithms to analyse the data and deliver the knowledge you need to optimise your business.


Security is at the core of everything we at Infinitive Group do. Through strategic partnerships with leading security firms, we stay abreast of any and all potential new vulnerabilities, enabling us to take preventative, proactive actions to ensure the security of our devices and systems. Partnerships with specialist penetration testing companies helps us to assure the security of our devices, giving our clients peace of mind, and ensuring that your data and systems are protected.

Gateways / Edge Compute

The Infinitive Group Ramus platform is designed to enable incredibly powerful computing on the edge. Through our work across multiple industries, we have developed the Ramus platform offering to deliver never before seen compute power on the edge, enabling you to deliver a new class of services to your customers and staff, and ensuring that any operational information is captured and made available as soon as possible.

Content and Data Owners

Infinitive Group’s data management and storage platform offering, Pithoi, enables content and data owners to make full use of their data. Pithoi offers fast and efficient data storage at various tiers, and can be used to storage large amounts of complex data sets in a queryable format. Pithoi was built with security in mind, and as such we can assure you that your business critical, confidential data will be kept safe and secure in a region of your choosing.

Software Solutions

Infinitive Group specialise in developing software solutions to nearly any problem. From complex decoding systems, to reverse engineering, to front end interactive applications, Infinitive Group can assist you in developing any bespoke software solutions your business needs.


Through Infinitive Group’s deep understanding of various different industries and technologies, integration between complex systems and datasets has never been easier. As specialists in reverse engineering, software engineering, and data structures, Infinitive Group’s engineering teams can build complex interfaces between almost any systems, no matter how complicated or legacy they may be.

Training & enablement

Similar to Knowledge and Competency, this area is wide reaching and requires many disciplines. Infinitive Group work with industry, and through a combination of system monitoring, data analytics, and horizon scanning, we are well positioned to identify and evolve training in specific areas of need. We promote and develop in emerging areas such as digital transformation, condition monitoring, and system integration. With Infinitive being situated at the intersection of operational Know-how and information and technology, we, along with our trusted eco-system partners, are the perfect partner to help your business evolve.