Infinitive Group Unveils Revolutionary IntelliSand System: Transforming Sand Level Detection on Trains

Infinitive Group is proud to introduce the IntelliSand system. Developed through our Research and Development work, this innovative sand-level sensing solution is poised to reshape the rail industry. Infinitive Group has achieved a significant milestone by reaching Technology Readiness Level 4 (TRL 4), in the laboratory at the Bond Avenue offices.

For over a century, train sandboxes are a technology that has barely evolved at all. On most fleets, the maintenance and monitoring of a sandbox has remained a manual activity. On most services, no one knows how much sand is in the box until the depot crew go to fill it. Operators have only the most general idea of when and where sand is being used. No real intelligence is involved in sand control.

Infinitive Group’s IntelliSand aims to disrupt this status quo. Integrating state-of-the-art sand-level sensing technology with environmental and operational data to provide intelligent insights. The result is an end-to-end solution that monitors sand supply and quality on rail vehicles. This provides data to identify sanding needs and highlights instances where sanding levels may fall short of safety and operational standards.

“Industry feedback in 2022 commented and reported that our previous solution wasn’t cost competitive. The team have evaluated how we could still achieve our high system functionality but significantly reduce the cost.” Said Ben Craze, CEO of Infinitive Group. “This result has proved to us that we have not just achieved our cost savings target, but we have improved the sensing resolution with a completely new technology. I’m really excited to take this system to the next level, and would be happy to carry out a Proof of Concept free of charge.”

Infinitive Group’s IntelliSand technology has overcome the challenges associated with accurately detecting sand volume within a container. The successful validation of sand level measurement in laboratory conditions demonstrates the feasibility and reliability of the system that is developed as a cost-competitive solution to a precision measured sand quantities in sandboxes.


: Graph showing sand being filled into a container with a high level or precision in the measurement.
Graph showing sand being filled into a container with a high level or precision in the measurement

IntelliSand will use the data it gathers to build up a dynamic and multi-layered analysis of sanding on the railways. This has the power to provide the industry previously unrealised insight into questions of track health and ride quality.

As Infinitive Group celebrates the achievement of TRL 4, the company looks forward to forging strategic partnerships that will propel IntelliSand toward achieving TRL levels 6 and 7. Collaborative efforts will enable the realisation of IntelliSand’s full potential, cementing its position as a game-changing technology within railway operations.

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