Technical Advisory Support

The client operates two fleets of vehicles: Victoria line 2009 Stock and S Stock, which operate on the Circle, Metropolitan, and Hammersmith and City lines


The client operates two fleets of vehicles: Victoria line 2009 Stock and S Stock, which operate on the Circle, Metropolitan, and Hammersmith and City lines.

The maintenance and reliability of these vehicles is influenced by data received from the on-board TCMS system.

Originally, this was processed by the vehicle manufacturer, however, the client wanted to bring this data analysis in house and to interface it to their own predict and prevent, diagnostic platform. This project was called “Apollo” and Infinitive Group staff were a key part of the project team responsible for its rollout.

The client wanted to take the support of the new Apollo system in house as well. To achieve this, the client needed to acquire knowledge from the project team which originally developed the system. Infinitive Group assisted with this by providing access to the technical experts who had developed the new system.



The Challenge

Handover of the system needed to occur as quickly as possible because, without appropriate knowledge of the system, further development would be hindered.

There was a significant backlog of change requests which the stakeholders desired to be implemented as soon as possible.

The client wanted to transfer responsibility for the system’s management from the engineering department to the IT department. Apollo is a complex system with multiple layers in its operational stack, including components which are physically present onboard the vehicle. This task required not only explaining the structure of the database and software components, but also the rolling stock terminology and conventions.

The project commenced in January 2021 during a Covid-19 lockdown. Traditionally, this type of knowledge transfer project would be completed onsite with the client to provide the highest efficiency of work. This was not possible as the client had closed their office completely and did not allow on-site visits.



Our Response

Infinitive Group readied an appropriate technical advisor to supplement the client’s team and deliver their project requirements.

The technical advisor worked with the project manager to put together a handover plan which was both achievable and within budget.

Infinitive Group’s experience within rolling stock and IT allowed the new staff members to be brought up to speed in both business functions. Gaps in deliverables were identified and actioned prior to these risks causing issues during handover.



The Value to the Client

Introducing a highly capable technical advisor at short notice ensured efficient hand over of the required domain knowledge.

The new support team are progressing well with full hand over of the system to their responsibility.

Handover of support for the Apollo system was more rapid and successful with input from the Infinitive Group technical advisor, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and achieving their business goal to have greater in-house system management.