Data Analytics Platform

Artemis is a cutting-edge data analytics platform which utilises real time data from your fleet to deliver alarms, alerts and predictive insights into our customers asset health.


Consequently, when Infinitive Group applies its domain knowledge and subject matter expertise to Artemis analytic capabilities we can enable our customers to make informed decisions about fleet assets which lead to a reduction in maintenance costs and increase reliability and fleet availability. More importantly we take our customers on a journey from Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) to Risk Based Maintenance (RBM) which enables them to differentiate themselves from the competition. The importance of guiding our customers and enabling the maturation from Condition Based Maintenance to a risk based approach should not be understated. Leveraging analytics platforms to monitor the condition of an asset and decide what maintenance needs to be done is useful. However, operating a rolling stock asset is always about mitigating risk. Using RBM ensures our customers can prioritise maintenance resources towards assets that carry the most risk and determines the most economical use of maintenance effort to minimise any risk of failure.



Infinitive Group’s Artemis data analytics platform breaks through merely monitoring the condition of our customers assets and is able to provide insight that will optimise maintenance efforts, mitigate risk and create a competitive advantage for our customers. Artemis turns your data into Information and information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom.



Features Advantages and benefits

Artemis data analytics platform from Infinitive Group has been designed to optimise our customers efficiency and mitigate risk.

Analysing and visualising data and being able to transition to RBM delivers business outcomes for customers owning and operating their rolling stock assets. Deploy Artemis in your organisation in order to:


• Integrates with the supply chain for automated part allocation, booking and or ordering

• Improve asset reliability and availability

• Reduce instances of ‘no fault found’ and ‘repeat faults’ by applying intelligence to raw data

• Decrease cost related to asset maintenance by reducing time spent in fault-finding

• Reduces unnecessary maintenance of sub-systems

• Provides accurate log of asset mileage

• Provides a platform upon which to build optimised maintenance regimes

• Real-time reliability management and maintenance planning made easy

• Enables fast, accurate failure audits which lead to root cause identification at the first intervention

• Monitors usage of components and applies intelligence so that maintenance windows can be extended beyond original manufacturer estimates



Artemis by Infinitive Group can be coupled with our Management Advisory Services in order to help our customers identify:

1. Which assets carry the most risk?

2. How many high-risk assets are in each location?

3. What is the exact risk level per asset?

4. What is the consequence of failure?


Following this type of assessment each asset can be given a risk score and a maintenance plan recommended that minimises risk of breakdown and disruption to our customers services. Infinitive Group are at the intersection of Information and Operational Technology within the transport sector. Share your requirements with us and we can take a journey from data to wisdom together.