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Close and careful asset management is a particular need for organisations with large operations and maintenance functions.


Digitisation is happening fast. Vast numbers of vehicle sensors are now readily available.

Edge computing involves the transfer of storage, processing and network resources as close as possible to devices and end users. The shift to these approaches, and emergence of Internet of Things (IoT), is gathering ever increasing volumes of data. Infinitive Group are experts in implementing cloud solutions to connect an ever increasing variety and number of endpoints.



Digitalisation is bringing dramatic changes in business processes and automation.

Infinitive Group are advocates of digitalisation because of the associated benefits in productivity and efficiency. By allowing a greater proportion of activities to be systematically delegated to automation, headspace becomes available for people to generate new ideas and innovate. Infinitive Group offer tailored solutions to support organisation with their digital transformation programmes to integrate people, process, and technology.



Visualisations are one way that complex data can be simplified into human readable information.

Infinitive Group’s Artemis platform supports the majority of common chart types, making transition from legacy systems easy. Artemis extends static reporting with dynamic controls, allowing users to fully explore their data. Interactive dashboards assemble key metrics together to take analysis to the next level.



Artemis has the following key benefits:

Future-proof Services can be added or updated in a flexible and secure way.

• Robust Continuous operation under Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Ongoing Improvement Internal developers continuously create new and powerful functionality.

Central Repository Consolidates disparate systems and data.

Cloud Philosophy of anything anywhere anytime.



Digital Transformation as-a-Service

Operational processes, systems, and ways of working built over time can result in siloed business systems.

Infinitive Group works with its clients to recentre legacy databases, spreadsheets and other disparate systems back into a cohesive core.

Forming a strategy for migration is an important preparatory step to identify data sources for digitisation and processes for digitalisation. The strategy to achieve a digital-based business should rightly utilise everything that is currently available that touches the operation. Norms should be challenged with a particular focus on people, processes and technology.

The biggest components of fleet and operational staff need to be included, and respected, but also challenged throughout a digital journey to ensure lasting change.



Asset Management

Close and careful asset management is a particular need for organisations with large operations and maintenance functions.

This will doubtless include consideration of Life-cycle Cost (LCC) management. Hence, this requirement to support asset management should be made explicit expressing system requirements and data should be suitability evaluated for this purpose.

Infinitive Group possesses significant knowledge about the ISO 55001 management system, which outlines a framework to establish asset management policies, objectives, processes and governance, and facilitates an organisation achieving its strategic goals.

Infinitive Group fully recognises the significance of being able to appraise in detail the whole LCC and operational impacts of any proposed business changes.

Infinitive Group promotes that business change financial assessment tools should be developed as a powerful means of expediting business case approvals.




Infinitive Group are subject matter experts within the transport asset management domain with notable specialisms in IT and data engineering.

A selection of pertinent projects are as follows:

• IoT and Cloud solutions

• Maintenance Management System upgrades and replacement

• Reverse engineering and interfacing

• Automation and end-to-end solutions

• Cyber Security/NIS Directive assessments and targeted compliance support

• Process mapping and facilitation (specifically to remove people, process, and technology blockers)

• Performance reporting and visualisations

• Higher-order functions, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc.



Management & Advisory

Digital transformation, evaluation and design can be difficult under business as usual commitments. However, enabling business wide integration and visibility of the asset operation and performance can deliver major business benefits.

Consider preparation for the discovery phase of a digital transformation programme carefully. Identify and confirm the following:

•Existing technology landscape within existing projects

• Stakeholders (shopfloor to executive)

• Executive sponsors and sources of finance

• Business benefits and opportunities

• Test cases and champions



Digital transformation results can have a positive, lasting impact.

Infinitive Group strive to ensure that this happens. Infinitive Group seek to develop special relationships with their clients as their trusted advisor, aligned with their expectations.



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