Customer success

Driving successful project delivery for our clients

Infinitive Group was formed to change the way the industry interacts with clients. Through our unique, customer focused approach, we have succeeded in delivering successful projects to all of our customers. This page details some of those success stories.

Transport Capacity and Demand Modelling for Doha supporting FIFA World Cup

The sovereign state of Qatar successfully hosted the 22nd FIFA World cup football tournament in the penultimate months of 2022. As part of the strategic event planning the host nation identified the need to secure assistance from a suitably qualified and experienced organisation to evaluate, model and predict and where necessary provide real-time solutions and mitigation strategies in relation to the supply capacity and predicted demand for the Doha transport network during the event.

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Subject Matter Expert Support

The client was in the process of taking final delivery of three new fleets of trains. These new trains relied far more heavily on access to the client’s IT infrastructure and external IP- based networks than the previous legacy fleets.

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London Underground “Project Apollo” Data-Driven Maintenance

The maintenance and reliability of the 09 Stock and S Stock vehicles is influenced by data received from the on-board TCMS system. Originally, this was processed by the vehicle manufacturer, however, the client wanted to bring this data analysis in house and to interface it to their own predict and prevent, diagnostic platform. This project was called “Apollo” and Infinitive Group staff were a key part of the project team responsible for its rollout.

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Data Analytics Platform

Artemis is a cutting-edge data analytics platform which utilises real time data from your fleet to deliver alarms, alerts and predictive insights into our customers asset health.

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Arriva Bus

Close and careful asset management is a particular need for organisations with large operations and maintenance functions.

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