Research & Development

Infinitive Group’s Research & Development Pillar was founded out of our desire to develop cutting edge solutions to industry problems. Through our Management & Advisory Pillar, we found that we were constantly identifying opportunities for products which either didn’t exist on the market, or weren’t suitable for the particular problem we were facing. We therefore decided to utilise our industry knowledge, experience, and engineering capacity to develop our own in-house Research & Development department to develop, build, and manufacture these products.

Today, Infinitive Research & Development has successfully developed and brought to market several products, including both hardware and software solutions. As our innovation is completely self funded, we carefully target our development efforts to have the greatest impact on the industry, and provide the best possible value to our clients.

“Infinitive Group’s Research & Development Pillar enables the development of cutting edge, innovative products that are directly influenced by industry requirements. Having successfully brought several products to market, Infinitive Research & Development are always looking for the next opportunity to develop another game-changing solution.”