About us

We are a specialist consultancy and engineering technology business.

Start with why

At Infinitive Group’s core we are passionate about challenging the status quo. We believe that we make the world better by helping our customers crash through barriers to innovation and deliver business outcomes that generate revenue, optimise cost and mitigate risk.

Infinitive Group are a specialist consultancy and engineering technology business that sit at the intersection of operational know how and information technology. Working with our customers to extract, transform and visualise information using Machine Learning and Analytics to deliver business outcomes that generate revenue, optimise cost and mitigate risk.

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Our corporate values

Customer Obsession

Infinitive Group have an obsession to show our customers what is possible using innovative technology coupled with subject matter expertise and exceptional execution.  In order to challenge the status quo the customer must be at the very centre of all we do.  By collaborating with our customers we can ensure technology, people and processes come together to deliver a tangible benefit to the business.

Sense of Urgency

Never compromising on quality Infinitive Group move quickly to establish our customers strategic initiatives.  We establish key stakeholders within the business and align our team to work with them to build a plan that delivers innovation and the desired business outcome.  We work within industries where time is always of the essence and want our customers to start realising the benefits our products, services and solutions without delay. 

Excellence & Integrity

At Infinitive Group we value excellence and integrity.  We are honest, open, ethical and fair.  Our customers, suppliers and staff trust us to keep our word and have confidence that the way we work, how we interact with each other and what we deliver feeds directly into Infinitive Group’s culture and is something we can be proud of. 


Through innovation Infinitive Group are able to accelerate our customers operational and digital strategies.  We use our technical expertise alongside established and cutting edge technology principals to demonstrate the art of the possible and give our customers confidence around the outcomes that their investments can achieve. 

Leadership team

At Infinitive Group, we are driving the future. Using our unique knowledge of the industry and the technologies available, we are helping the transport industry transform itself from a data rich industry to an information rich industry; providing our clients unique insights to their assets and operations, and enabling them to deliver world class services. When building our team, we always scout for extremely talented people to help us to deliver our world-leading products and services. If you’re interested in joining Infinitive Group, please click out careers link below!

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Awards & accreditations

We at Infinitive Group are extremely proud to have achieved numerous awards & qualifications. We are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001 and Cyber Essentials. We are also audited to RISQS.

We received the highly commended award from the Railway Industry Association (RIA) RISE awards in 2023.

Global reach

As a global leader in several areas, Infinitive Group works across the world to assist our clients in delivering the best solutions possible. Geography is no barrier to working with Infinitive Group; with our offices in both the UK & Australia, combined with our worldwide network of specialist consultants, we can deliver our exceptional products and services wherever you may be!

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Office locations

  • UK - Bletchley
  • Australia - Perth, Melbourne

Working locations

  • UK - London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Derby
  • Europe - Dublin, Switzerland
  • Middle East - Dubai, Saudi Arabia